Laws of the Game FAQ

Thanks for choosing to learn more about why we sell the Laws of the Game at The Top Ref.

Currently, IFAB offers Law book copies to be purchased directly from them but they insist on shipping only via DHL (a courier vs postal service). As a result, single book orders for individual referees are very expensive to order directly. To help with those costs, we order the books in bulk to spread the shipping cost across many books to bring the average book price down.

You can purchase any number of copies from The Top Ref but please reach out if you cross the free shipping threshold so we can organize a custom quote. The Law books are quite heavy and can drive the shipping price dramatically up. Given the books are sold at the cost they are purchased at and other caveats mentioned below, we cannot offer free shipping.

For transparency, our historical pricing for Law books has been:

  • 2017: $6
  • 2019: $6.12
  • 2021: $6.69
  • 2022: $7.99

The reason for this increase primarily has been to coverĀ operations costs. This includes:

    • Shipping the book from IFAB to The Top Ref
    • Currency difference & fees
    • Credit card fees (from your purchase of the books)
    • Cost to cover any books disposed at the end of the year from non-purchases when the next edition releases šŸ˜­
Name Your Own Price!
Name Your Own Price!
Name Your Own Price!