Fair Play Wallet

Fair Play Wallet

  • $699

A favourite among referees, this wallet comes in variations:

  • Plastic
  • Leather

The plastic option offers a weight advantage for referees that prefer light pockets during movement but less durability in the centre of the wall to prevent it from splitting from general wear-and-tear. Exclusively for the plastic wallets, a small pencil holder is included on the side.

The leather option is marginally heavier (but not enough to be a nuisance) and provides better durability; wallet will not split as easily.


  • Next most important tool after a whistle
  • Snug fit into shorts or jersey pocket
  • Sturdy cards with clear colour visibility when displayed
  • Ergonomic wallet design to allow cards to be taken out easily
  • Plastic sleeves to hold in your match card and holds standard sizes
  • Cards are fluorescent yellow and red

Disclaimer: Doesn't include the Fair Play logo printed on the right-hand side of the wallet.

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