Refsworld Card Skins

  • $299

Refsworld card skins are designed to work in various weather conditions.

Why use these over normal re-writable cards? Simply because they are easy to use!

  • Can be used up to 20 times with pencil or pen
  • Can stick them on and peel them off cards without any damage
  • Can be attached to match reports


The card skins come available in two different sizes that fit for their respective card brands.

Yellow card skin

Provisions to record the shirt number, time and code of first offence. If the culprit is unlucky enough to offend again space is provided to put in the time of the second offence.

Red card skin

Layout of the pitch; this enables you to record your position, the ball's position and the position the infringement took place.

The offence codes are listed on the bottom of each skin. Red / Yellow skins also have the intuitive design that prompts you to record all the aspects of the infringements.

Review & Demo

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