• $1999

The Top Ref's Absolute Favourite

As a referee, you can never go wrong with this purchase. There are few referee products you can receive that will bring you as much joy as this one.

Work in game environments where the changing room might be far away from the pitch? The organiser makes it perfect to walk out, carrying everything with a professional look.

The only issue you will ever face? You've bought so much stuff that you need a second!


  • Tri-fold compedium
  • Velcro straps and zippers keep everything neatly in their compartments.
  • Zipper on the back that can hold documents, papers and even your copy of the Laws of the Game.
  • Plastic PVC covers gives easy access to referee equipment at a glance

Closed: 20cm x 30cm
Open: 58cm x 30cm

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