Ervocom Electronic Flags

  • $76999

The elite flag system for the elite referee crew. This flag communication system can improve your team's awareness and communication during the game. Designed to defeat outside interference from tampering and communicate in a loud atmosphere.

This is the RPS 2156 (latest model) and includes the classic ErvoCom carrying case.

What's new in the RPS 2156?

  • Increased transmission range
  • Simplified pairing with any flag and receiver (used to be colour-coded by end-cap colour; now only black)
  • Birectional communication between referee and assistant referee allowing for acknowledgement via return vibration on flag
  • Improved battery life through efficient power usage
  • Configurable signal pitch and tone (three pitches and two volume levels)
  • Freely expandable up to 10 flags (for assistant referees, additional assistant referees and assistant referees for them too). Can give it to a fan at this point too (phone a friend).

See our review on the flag set (RPS-2056) that is relatively similar in look to its successor (RPS-2156).

Note: The order may originate from an international fulfillment centre requiring the receiver to be responsible for customs. Fulfillment typically takes 3-5 business days.

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