Yapalong 4000 Communication Set

  • $30000

Note: Ask us for alternatives in the US

Bringing you one of the most unique high-value comm systems in the world, Yapalong:

  • allows you to connect with upto 8 other users and any other amount of listeners
  • filters the referee's whistle to ensure listeners don't lose their ear drums!
  • is fully duplex (no Push-To-Talk required) and open mic
  • has a 800 metre free range reach
  • weighs only 125g and feeling effortless while wearing
  • carries 8 hours of battery life

Each radio unit includes:

  • Radio unit
  • USB charger
  • Boom mic II headset

1 year basic warranty

If you are interested in customisation/engraving, give us a shout!

Technical specification

Radio technology:

  • 915-928 MHz unlicensed ISM band
  • Auto channel selection
  • Free frequency channels: 3
Wireless network:
  • peer-to-peer (no-master)
  • TDMA
Digital modulation: FSK

Power: 27 dBM

Dimensions: 179 x 64 x 22mm
Weight (exclude headset): 125 g


  • Li-Polymer 3.7V (1700mA) rechargeable
  • Fully charged battery lasts over 8 hours

Cleaning instructions (link)

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